Pastor Dawn Quesenberry has been appointed as of July 1, 2020.
See below her introduction letter.


Hi, my name is Dawn Quesenberry and I was born and raised in Eden NY. I lived there until I moved to Silver Creek. A year after graduating from high school I went to Millard Fillmore school of nursing and received my LPN degree and being licensed after passing the state boards. Upon graduating I started working at Lake Shore Nursing Home in that capacity for the next sixteen years, which is why I moved to Silver Creek. During that time, I met my husband Mike and we were married and have two daughters, Nicoal who is 31, and Elizabeth who is 30. In 1990 we bought a house and moved to Angola, where we still have the house and our youngest daughter lives there, Nicoal lives in North Tonawanda. In 2000 I left the nursing home and went to work at a doctor’s office, where I worked for four years. I had not been raised in the church growing up, so when Mike and I met we did start going, mostly to have a place to get married in. After that we started attending at Eden UMC, where we continued until I filled in as lay pulpit fill at Versailles UMC. In 2004 I was offered a job at another doctor’s office and it was a continuation of God at work in my life. I took the job and my faith journey continued. I was filling in at Versailles and working at the doctor’s office when I got the call to ministry. Through prayer and discernment, I felt called to the Licensed Local Pastor path and went through that with my mentor. After completing the process and being approved by DCOM (District Committee on Ministry), I was appointed to Protection and Delevan UMC. Where I served for three years and through discernment, I determined that I would let go of the nursing and go to full-time pastoring. It was then that I was appointed to St. Paul of West Valley in addition to Delevan where I have been for the last five years. It placed me in just one district verses being in two districts as I was previous to this appointment. Which brings me to now and God’s calling me to move to Olean and serve at Olean Trinity and Rivers Edge UMC. I am looking forward to our journey together.